Mission Statement

Striving to put our clients’ interests first, while providing them transaction services from the most ethical, reputable associates in the industry.

Our goal is to always put the client’s interest ahead of the Firm and every individual within the Firm.

We will endeavor to strategically grow to achieve our objective of becoming the best and most dominant “one-stop” commercial real estate and capital markets intermediary offering the following:

  • Investment Banking Services
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Loan Sales and Distressed Asset Sales
  • Entity and Project Level Equity Services and Placements as well as all forms of Structured Finance/Private Equity Solutions
  • All forms of Debt Placement Solutions and Services, and
  • Commercial Loan Servicing (Primary and Sub-servicing)

Our goal is to hire and retain associates who have the highest ethical standards and the best reputations in the industry to preserve our culture of integrity, trust and respect and to promote and encourage teamwork to ensure our clients have the “best team on the field” for each transaction. Simply stated, without the best people, we cannot be the best Firm.

To ensure we achieve our goals and aspirations and provide outstanding results for our clients and shareholders, we must maintain a flexible compensation and ownership package to appropriately recognize and reward our existing and future associates who profoundly contribute to our success through their value-added performance. The ability to reward extraordinary performance is essential in providing superior results for our clients while appropriately aligning our interests with those of our shareholders.

-HFF Executive Committee

"HFF is an incredible place in that each employee feels valued and is motivated to be a team player at all times. The culture that the HFF leadership has established is one that rewards people for hard work and achievement. HFF is very team oriented and is a great place to work."
-HFF Associate Testimonial